St. Mary’s Site
11095 St. Mary’s St., Pavilion
Immaculate Conception Site
5865 Ellicott St. Rd, East Bethany
The Roman Catholic Community of Pavilion and East Bethany
Rev. Innocent Diala, Pastor

Deacon Heinz Friedman
Deacon Walter Szczesny,

Parish Administrator (June 16 – July 16)

Saturday: 4:00 PM at:                                                                                                  St. Mary's-  Months of October - March
Immaculate Conception-  Months of April - September

Sunday: 8:00AM at St. Mary’s
                9:30 AM at Immaculate Conception

Confessions: 3:15 - 3:45 PM Saturday’s at
Saturday Mass site or by appointment


Discontinued at this time

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Parish Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday: 9AM - 1PM
E-mail: Phone: (585) 584-7031, FAX (585) 250-4213
Emergency Contact: Call closest parish

Mailing Address
P.O Box 98
East Bethany, NY 14054-0098